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Black History

Detroit Riots


                On Twelth Street in the morning hours of Sunday, July 23, 1967, the police executed a raid at a blind pig. When the police were confronted, the most destructive riot in history broke out. The riot would last for 5 days. Angry, African-American bystanders became enraged and began breaking store windows. Forty-three lay dead, more than four hundred were injured, and thousands were arrested.

                       Deaths caused by the riots.
Name[2] Race Age Date of fatal injury Comment
Krikor “George” Messerlian white 68 7/27/67 Messerlian was killed while defending his shoe repair shop.
Willie Hunter black 26 7/23/67 Hunter was found in the basement of Brown's Drug store, believed to have been asphyxiated while store burned down.
Prince Williams black 32 7/23/67 Williams was also found in the basement of Brown's Drug store asphyxiated.
Sheren George black 23 7/24/67 George was shot while riding in the front seat of a car driven by her husband.
Julius Dorsey black 55 7/25/67 Dorsey worked as a security guard and was shot by a National Guardsman under questionable circumstances.
Clifton Pryor white 23 7/24/67 Mistaken for a sniper, Pryor was shot by a National Guardsman.
John Ashby white 26 8/4/67 Ashby was a firefighter with the Detroit Fire Department and was electrocuted by a high-tension wire that had fallen.
Herman Ector black 30 7/24/67 Ector intervened in a dispute between a groups of youths and a security guard, Waverly Solomon, who shot Ector with his rifle.
Fred Williams black 49 7/24/67 Williams stepped on a downed power line and was killed.
Daniel Jennings black 36 7/24/67 Jennings broke into Stanley’s Patent Medicine and Package Store and was shot by the owner, Stanley Meszezenski
Robert Beal black 49 7/24/67 Beal was shot by a Detroit Police officer at a burned out auto parts store.
Joseph Chandler black 34 7/24/67 Chandler was shot by police while engaged in looting at the Food Time Market.
Herman Canty black 46 7/24/67 Canty was observed loading merchandise from the rear door of the Bi-Lo Supermarket. Police fired several rounds at the truck until it stopped and found Canty dead inside.
Alfred Peachlum black 35 7/24/67 As A&P supermarket being looted, Peachlum was inside with a shiny object in his hand. Police opened fire. Theobject turned out to be a piece of meat wrapped in shiny paper
Alphonso Smith black 35 7/24/67 The police version was that Smith and four other men were cornered while looting the Standard Food Market. Other sources claim that an officer fired through a window.
Nathaniel Edmonds black 23 7/24/67 Richard Shugar, a 24-year-old white male, accused Edmonds of breaking into his store, grabbed a shotgun and shot Edmondson in his chest. Shugar was charged with first-degree murder.
Charles Kemp black 35 7/24/67 Kemp took five packs of cigars and was observed removing a cash register from Borgi’s Market. He ran, police officers gave chase, and shots were fired.
Richard Sims black 35 7/24/67 Sims was shot after he attempted to break into the Hobby Bar.
John Leroy black 30 7/24/67 Leroy was a passenger in a vehicle and National Guard and police opened fire at the occupants of the car alleging it was tryoing to break through a roadbloack.
Carl Smith white 30 7/25/67 Smith was attempting organize firefighter units when gunshots were fired. At the end, Smith was lying dead.
Emanuel Cosby black 26 7/25/67 Cosby broke into N&T Market, police arrived just as he was making his escape. Cosby ran and was shot while running away with the loot.
Henry Denson black 27 7/25/67 Denson was a passenger in a car with two other black males when they came upon roadblocks erected by National Guardsmen and the vehicle was fired upon for allegedly trying to break the roadblock.
Jerome Olshove white 27 7/25/67 The only policeman killed in the riot, Olshove shot in scuffle outside an A&P supermarket.
William Jones black 28 7/25/67 Jones broke into a liquor store and was caught and attempted escape. Police orders were given to halt, but he continued to run and the officers opened fire.
Ronald Evans black 24 7/25/67 Was shot with William Jones in liquor store looting.
Roy Banks black 46 7/27/67 Banks was a deaf mute and was walking along the street when he was shot by Guardsmen who alleged he was an escaping looter.
Frank Tanner black 19 7/25/67 Tanner and his friends broke into a store and was shot while making an escape from a National Guardsman.
Arthur Johnson black 36 7/25/67 Shot inside looted pawn shop.
Perry Williams black 36 7/25/67 Shot with Johnson inside pawn shop.
Jack Sydnor black 38 7/25/67 Snydor shot a policeman investigating a potential sniper. In response, police fired a barrage of bullets into in the apartment.
Tanya Blanding black 4 7/26/67 Blanding died as a result of a gunfire from a National Guard tank stationed in front of her house. Guardsmen claim that they were responding to sniper fire from the second floor.
William N Dalton black 19 7/26/67 The police report claimed that he was an arsonist and was attempting to flee from the police.
Helen Hall white 51 7/26/67 Hall, a native of Illinois, was visiting Detroit on business. The police report claims she was shot by a sniper while staying at the Harlan House Motel.
Larry Post white 26 7/26/67 Post was Sergeant in the National Guard. After an exchange with a car with three white men, Post was found wounded with a gunshot to the stomach.
Aubrey Pollard black 19 7/26/67 Pollard was killed after a group of policemen and National Guardsmen stormed the Algiers motel in search of snipers.
Carl Cooper black 17 7/26/67 Was killed with Pollard at the Algiers motel.
Fred Temple black 18 7/26/67 Also killed in the Algiers motel
George Tolbert black 20 7/26/67 Tolbert was killed as he walked past a National Guard checkpoint at Dunedin and LaSalle when a bullet fired by a Guardsman hit him.
Julius Lawrence Lust white 26 7/26/67 Lust and his friends decided to steal a car part from a junkyard and continued to run despite being told to stop by police.
Albert Robinson black 38 7/26/67 The police report claims the guardsmen came under fire from snipers and returned fire. At the end of the exchange, Robinson was dead.
Ernest Roquemore black 19 7/28/67 Roquemore was hit in the back by the army paratrooper and was declared dead on arrival at Detroit General Hospital.