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Executive Order 8802
Armed Forces Integration
Brown vs. Board of Education
The Killing Of Emmett Till
Greensboro Sit-ins
Freedom Riders
The Coming of James Meredith
Sixteenth Street Baptist Church
"Children's Crusade"
" The March On Washington"
1964 Freedom Summer Project
Civil Rights Act of 1964
24th Amendment
Voting Rights Act of 1965
Watts Riots
Neshoba Country, Miss
Salem, Alabama
Martin Luther King, Jr.
On the Bus With Rosa Parks
Black Panthers
Newark Riots
Detroit Riots
Negro Spirituals
Photo Gallery
Events of Civil Rights Movement

Black History

On the Bus With Rosa Parks

"Mother of the Modern Day Civil Rights Movement"

    Rosa Parks worked as a secretary for NAACP's president, Edgar Nixon. Rosa and her husband also took part in other organizations opposing segregation.
    Before Rosa's incident, there were other demonstrations were black people refused to get out of their seats for white people. However, the most memorable demonstration was Rosa Parks. After a hard day of work, Rosa got on a Montgomery bus.  She sat on the first row of seats for in the "Blacks Only" section. As the route continued, the "Whites Only" section became full. When the driver, James Black, saw three white men were standing up, he said that four black people were going to have to give up their seats. Three out of the four black people gave up their seats. However, Rosa moved toward the window of her seat and did not get up. The bus driver became angry and called the police. Rosa was arrested.
"Her demonstration would spark  a
       revolution...the Civil Rights Movement"