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Brown vs. Board of Education
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Events of Civil Rights Movement

Black History

Brown vs. Board of Education

" Seperate but Equal"

Linda Brown
    Brown vs. Board of Education is a case but segregation in schools. Oliver Brown, one of thirteen plaintiffs, was the father of Linda Brown. Linda had to walk five blocks to her school bus stop and ride two more miles to get to Monroe Elementary. Monroe was a segregated black school. However, five blocks from her home was a white school. In the fall of 1951, all thirteen plaintiffs tried to enroll their children into the school, but they were all were refused.
    The District Court of Topeka, Kansas, ruled in favor of the Board of Education. The precedent of the Plessy vs. Ferguson case was used to determine the ruling. The Plessy vs. Ferguson upheld a law requiring " seperate but equal" segregated facilities for whites and blacks in railway cars. The outcome of the case was that segregation in public schools were unconstitutional.